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1) Putin’s war continues in Ukraine, killing thousands or tens of thousands until there’s some kind of change in Kremlin leadership (maybe more likely driven from the inside).

This is how the delivery of "patriots" under the walls of the Kremlin to Putler's schizophrenic concert on the annexation of Ukrainian territories looked like yesterday... #NAFO #NAFOfellas #Ukraine #Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin signs documents to annex occupied Ukraine lands "forever" during a ceremony at the Kremlin, formalizing Europe's biggest land grab since World War II

Today's #headlines: Ukraine says it encircles Russian troops at Lyman stronghold #news by Reuters Ukraine said on Saturday it had encircled thousands of Russian troops around the eastern town of Lyman, in a battlefield rebuttal to the Kremlin a day afte…

Editorial: "Facts on the ground matter more than rants at the Kremlin": #Ukraine

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