Kremlin - Ukraine Tweets

@christogrozev They had to throw the biggest bomb they had on the Kremlin when Putin signed the papers for taking the areas of Ukraine. They would hit all the idiots that are friends of Putin, including him.

@GicAriana Western jurnos and media were spreading the Kremlin propaganda against Ukraine for many decades. They are part of the problem.

Now it is a reality. We expect even more Iranian drone attacks from all sides. Iran shall share responsibility for war crimes in Ukraine with dictatorships in Minsk and in Kremlin.

@xezd @MMadvillain420 @PLnewstoday This is what the Kremlin propaganda outlets will tell you. When they say they aren’t going to invade Ukraine - they can’t be trusted nothing but lies

@RpsAgainstTrump Russia will keep escalating until there’s nothing left in the Ukraine. Send Cruise missiles into Russia and the Kremlin- all military targets now! This will never stop otherwise! Putin incapable of negotiating because is is insane and a terrorist! Why wait?

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