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@JuliaDavisNews The more the war in Ukraine turns into a disaster for Russia... The more detached from reality the Kremlin pundits become. It is a Pipi Longstockings regime. Reality and Propaganda are invers proportional to each other. Thanks for showing us, @JuliaDavisNews

@JayinKyiv This article has been quoted so many times today by pro kremlin and anti Ukraine weapons assistance accounts that it might as well have been issued by the kremlin itself.

@Shanraal @PolinaPomorenko No jets (or other military equipment for that matter) have been transferred to Ukraine since February. Number of jets can only go down, obviously. Very astute observation that exposes the Kremlin lie machine.

Chechens killing Christians. Chechens killing Ukrainians. Chechens getting killed in #Ukraine. Win-win-win for the kremlin and ethnic russians. #UkraineWar is an event of multiple systematic genocides, disguised as a war, named ‘special operation’.

The latest developments in the war in #Ukraine ➡️ Russia and Ukraine start grain talks in Istanbul ➡️ Russia seeks to keep Kremlin critic Yashin in jail ➡️ Kyiv 'destroys' arms depot in Nova Kakhovka Read more:

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