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@GiraffinC @EllenHopkinsLit This is the same propaganda the Kremlin used to defend the arrest of russians who protested the Invasion of Ukraine.

@JuliaDavisNews @UROCKlive1 I pray Ukraine takes out Russia and marches into the Kremlin to get Putin and destroy him in the public square ! He has to be eliminated ☠️

#Russia troops capture #Lysychansk: #Ukraine🇺🇦🌻not able to match #Russian firepower | FRANCE24 @France24_en 👇 Forced #Ukrainian retreat faced with 10x disadvantage. Naked #Russian #aggression imperils #EU security. #Kremlin objective clear.🤦‍♂️

@KonstancjaKorn @DarthPutinKGB Underestimating Russia is becoming the undoing of Ukraine and threatens the entire West by winter. These guys in Kremlin revel in West's inability to read them before it's all too late.

@shellmelissa150 @David_M_Pyman @KyivIndependent The Russo-Ukrainian relationship is a long story, Russia doesn't recognize us as a separate ethnic group, doesn't acknowledge Ukraine's right to exist. Plus all the lies that have been fed by the Kremlin to the populace, including some clinical nonsense. So they're motivated.

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