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According to the Kremlin, the US could quickly end the war in #Ukraine. That's incredible! The russians reverse the coin. It is they who must immediately and completely withdraw their troops.

@Tendar @TallbarFIN This is serious biz- if true. Crimea being cut off from ”the motherland” means disaster to the Kremlin. Anyway a kind of pivoting point has been achieved amidst the western democraties and there is now no fear, meaning there is also no way back in supporting Ukraine.

Ukraine expects tank deal will lead to West delivering long-range missiles capable of striking Russian supply lines as Zelensky begs for more heavy weaponry – but angry Kremlin brands increased UK, German and US aid to Kyiv ‘extremely dangerous’ – David##

@OskanaShadow And even so, what is your business, you invaded a sovereign country and have something against the fact that we adequate people are helping to destroy you?! Typical, rotten Kremlin rhetoric! The flags of Ukraine and Russia are in vain together, this will never happen again!!!

North Korea slams the 'US over the decision to send tanks to Ukraine via @Y 'Because Scented Love Letters Kim is on the Same Page as GOP Corruption Inc. 'Trump... 'Kremlin Putin's page

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