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“Died for Ukraine 🇺🇦 February 28, 2023 Oleksiy Khanilevych, who played for basketball club "Kremin"-Higher League, died in the war with Russian fascists near Kreminnaya, Severodonetsk district, Luhansk region Sincere condolences to family & friends 🕯Eternal memory of the Hero”

💪🏻The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed new Russian tanks near Kreminnaya, - Heyday the Russians only recently transferred the latest T-90 tanks to Kreminna, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed almost all the vehicles in two weeks. Therefore, the occupiers moved to the T-72.…

Ammo shortages and getting encircled are obviously bullish for Ukraine. Just turn your brain off and keep donating your money the most corrupt country on earth. Also hilarious how the cope has shifted from Kreminnaya to a fantasy offensive that will always be a few months away.

Horrible footage!! Ukrainian troops attack Russian wagner in close combat at Kreminnaya #Ukraine #Ukrainewillwin #ulrainewar #The_eu #RussiaIsCollapsing #russia '

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