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@IuliiaK63507904 @adamec_radek @NoMoreNATO This another great explanation on why the war in Ukraine started by independent journalist Kim Iversen.

Kim Iversen points out that 20 years of NATO aggression has led to the destruction of Ukraine in a proxy war for the war mongering policies of the corrupt federal government.

@codepink @medeabenjamin @LeeCamp Your Kim Iversen interview was worst take on Ukraine Civil War EVER You said Russia shoulda tried harder to implement Minsk peace plan. Such as? After Kiev violated #Minsk1, Russia got #Minsk2; then Russia got UNSC to ratify it. Do you even know EVERYTHING Russia did over 8 yrs?

@ricwe123 #StopNatoSaveUkraine Kim Iversen: Bucha Was A BRITISH 'Special Op’ & Ukraine Peace Talks Are DEAD, According To Putin

'Kim Iversen' (506k subscribers): Corruption Scandal Rocks Ukraine: Multiple Governors and High-Ranking Officials Fired.

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