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@EU_Commission 🗓 Top News Today ❗️ The Russian Joint Coordination Headquarters on Humanitarian Response in Ukraine has reported the plans of the Kiev regime to commit guided explosions in Kramatorsk. 💥 In Kupyansk direction, the artillery of the 'Zapad'...

@lars99_lars @WarMonitor3 because in the beginning we didn’t expect Ukraine to win, the first month or two of the war Russia had Ukraine pushed almost to Kiev, tell me why we should’ve sent tanks into that situation when those tanks likely would wind up captured by the Russians?

@christianbe7 there was a vote in 2014 where Donetsk wanted to leave Ukraine, Russia stated they wanted time to start a longer dialog with Kiev. Then a pro Russia politician won the presidential democratic election which would of lead to a peaceful transition but then the west staged a coup

@TomBeac33728385 @Trollstoy88 Permanent transfer of power from Kiev to Warsaw. Hence, there will be no more Ukraine

Press review:US, UK, Berlin balk at warplanes for Kiev and why Scholz toured S. America - Scholz also sought to enlist the continent’s military support to Ukraine, but in vain. Argentina and Latin America are not considering any weapons supplies to Ukraine

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