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"The transfer of long-range rockets from the 🇺🇸US could allow 🇺🇦Ukraine to launch more successful counterattacks [in the Kherson region] and even a counteroffensive to take back more of their territory from Russia," @andrew_danieri tells @BBCWorld.

Ukrainian counter-offensives against the Russian fascist invaders in the north of Kherson region are advancing. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine report the rashists attempted, with the help of aviation, to regain control of Potomkyne but failed.

@mdmitri91 A good read. Reveals through individuals a range of thinking on the situation, eg: O. who doesn’t support Russia but sees shortcoming in Ukraine as well, would rather have Russia control Kherson than see it possibly destroyed in the process of Ukraine liberating it.

@_mark @WarMonitor3 and how's it going in Kherson? look at the maps from 2 months ago and compare it to new ones. Almost no difference. Ukraine is reporting towns it had for many months as new victories. we were already promoted 3 months ago that ukriane would be on the offensive now

#Ukraine: 8. In the #Kherson region things are moving quickly. This morning Ukrainian forces liberated the villages of #ZelenyiHai and #Barvinok and are fighting for full control of others. Slava Ukraini! #tweet100

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