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@Nik34603549 @Rick4367 @mhmck Don’t know what reports you’re following but Ukraine has full air superiority in Kherson. Even Russian soldiers in the area have complained about the lack of effective aircraft operations and no close air support

Obviously we wait to see what happens, but we know #Ukraine's taken territory here. The nightmare problem for Russian forces northeast of Kherson city is - they're sandwiched between 2 rivers - Inhulets & Dnipro. Ukraine's again showing its tactical mastery over outdated Russia.

Latest Situation on the Kherson front by the northern area. Russian reinforcements too little too late, Kherson has been attritioning for months now and Russia never took an actual move to solve the situation, they expected the human wave tactics to continue until Ukraine (1)

Ukraine should engage M30A1 HIMARS rockets on Russian positions that will rain 180,000 fragments/bullets on the enemy troops, to speed up liberation of kreminna, severodonetsk, Kherson, and other cities. Truck below is example of damage. It's not big, but can disable enemy.

@sdbernard @TheStudyofWar @maxseddon @MehulAtLarge At this rate all of Donbas could be liberated by the end of the year. But I really want to see progress in Kherson, Ukraine must get its access to the sea and a path towards the liberation of Crimea. 🤞

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