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Another rusted Russian metal skeleton near Kharkiv. The BTR-82a is a modernized APC, very lethal. It's worth 2.5M USD down Putin's drain. #StandWithUkraine#StopRussianAggression

@PaulJawin Look at this. This is no name graves, near Kharkiv in Ukraine. Numbers instead of names. All fucking russians should go to the fucking hell. All...

@ComicDaveSmith Comedians can debate what they choose. Fools can’t. Tell me, Mr Comedian from America how you imagine to know anything about Ukraine? I am Ukrainian Jew, Russian speaker, from Odesa and Kharkiv. I was in occupied Kharkiv. I witness all of this. Who the fuck you are?

@joerogan I don’t know who you are. But keep word #Ukraine out of your mouth. I am Ukrainian, Russian speaker who escaped occupied #Kharkiv. I am medic. I am partisan. Your guests are ignorant, dishonest and their lies help kill my people. Either you support genocide or you don’t. Choose

@ComicDaveSmith @joerogan You have no facts on Ukraine. I am Ukrainian, Russian speaking from both South and East of country. I was in occupied Kharkiv. I watched Russian soldiers r/pe because they were advised they could. How dare you think you know anything about what happening here and why? Look liar

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