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@ceschulzke @berlin_bridge One can dislike both. She tweets exactly like so many Democratic Party affiliated so-called FP experts. The aim is the same: mobilizing against Russia, 🇫🇷🇩🇪 bashing to make people forget Kabul, the retreat in Feb., indifference for Ukraine after 2014 & giving away Syria to Russia

@GeromanAT "We are going to stick with Ukraine ... as long as it (is) defeated by Russia" Then... y'all seen Kabul airport.

It’s worth taking a look at the performance of foreign mercenaries (many ex and current NATO special forces) in Ukraine. For example, Severodonetsk was full of them but they had zero impact. It seems outside of the green zone in Kabul or Baghdad they don’t last very long.

@happycrazytown @CawthornforNC Kabul Ukraine lost Inflation crash Baby formula Les jobs by million not counting the 6 million that already flooded the border illegally 3 million plus 6 million subsidized illegals is minus 9 million jobs and tax expense of 36 million a month plus×365 days is negative GDP.

John Healey has some good lines on defence: MoD procurement farce, decade of cuts, current budgets set before Kabul and Ukraine. But still refusing to say if Labour would support an increase in defence spending.

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