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@ElliotHammerSR @BorisJohnson @OxUkraineSummit I very much doubt if Ukraine will win. I doubt Putin will let that happen. The Best option is a negotiated peace. That’s how these things always end. Johnson is a wannabe trying to seem relevant.

@colvill_dave @darrengrimes_ It's not wrong. Many Tories took Russian money. Johnson accepted a donation 2 days before Putin invaded Ukraine. Look how long oligarchs were given to shift their assets out of UK

@RReyScarlet @torriangray They sent Johnson to Ukraine to tell Zelensky not to join Russia in peace talks when it was about to happen It didn't enter to annex territory It entered to protect Russian speaking people (14,000+ had been killed in Donbass & elsewhere) and to stop a US coup of their neighbour

Desantis is trying but has already stepped on his Johnson with Ukraine. He is a supporter and he is a BIG Putin critic called Putin an authoritarian gas station attendant. Also saying how you have to be tough on Putin he is trying to restore the USSR.

@RishiSunak If you & Johnson had not embroiled us in this trumped up war caused by a USA led anti Russian coup in Ukraine we would all still be "cooking on gas," cheaply and efficiently! You have cost us thousands of pounds in expensive fuel & lives have been lost to hypothermia. Judge that.

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