Johnson - Ukraine Tweets

@lewis_goodall Leadership in Ukraine by... Johnson? I am confused. I thought it was led by a guy called Zelensky, himself a former comedian. But the similarity ends there, of course.

@davybeer @AlexKane221b @JamieBrysonCPNI Ukraine need any help they can get and Johnson has spent as much time at Russian oligarchs & kgb bunga bunga parties that he should have useful intel for Zelensky. I’m sure Putin has plenty of compromat on filthy, drunken BJ and has stuffed his pockets with rubles down the years

@ChrisJMN1 You could argue that. But you’d be a f*cking moron to do so. Johnson and the Tories have profited both politically and financially from Russia, and they continue to let Britain be used as a laundromat for Russian corruption. Don’t believe their rhetoric on Ukraine.

Russia invading Ukraine was THE key driving force behind Sweden and Finland joining NATO. HMG has sweet f all to do with it as it requires unanimous agreement. Thank Erdoğan for dropping his veto if you must, but Johnson had nothing to do with it.

@SNMilitary Ukraine fights for a freedom, which most of the world has no concept! I could stand in Time sq, or Trafalgar sq & shout Biden or Johnson is a war mongering Twat! Could you call Putin the same in Red Sq? or of Xi in Tianmen?

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