Joe - Ukraine Tweets

Good Monday Morning, taxpayers. There are about 150 M of you, so remember: Every time the Big Guy sends $150M somewhere, that's $1 of YOUR money. So Joe, to this point, has given about $100B to Ukraine. YOU just gave $666.66 of your own money to the Ukraine war. Is that OK?

@ericareport I think Hunter and Joe should pay back the millions from China and Ukraine or billions…Nancy Pelosi should pay back the over 10 million from inside trading… Erica, you have a plank in your eye and aren’t able to see to remove the speck from other peoples eyes.

@anontrumphater1 @MuellerSheWrote POS Biden just went to Ukraine “surprise” and continues to ignore the victimized people of Palestine Ohio. Trump was 10x the president then corrupt Joe ever could wish to be.

Oh sleepy, Joe decides to takeoff to Ukraine yet the people in Ohio are struggling to get their lives put back together. Where is @JoeBiden priorities at Shirley is not protecting the American people

@POTUS Biden thinks we all love Ukraine as much as he does. No, Joe, we aren't collecting cash by the barrel full from them like you and your pals are.

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