Joe Biden - Ukraine Tweets

@WhiteHouse @POTUS Senile little girl fondling Joe Biden is the biggest single driver of inflation. Has nothing to do with Putin or the Ukraine. You morns keep pushing this but no one is buying it.

@DSTPRL @Mugaliens @HerminiaMccorm3 @robreiner Listen Joe Biden is not a clown and I resent that he is doing the best he can and a lot of the stuff the inflation the high cost of gas high cost of food housing market whatever is from the war in the Ukraine and Russia started don’t blame Joe Biden it’s a ripple effect

No matter how many times Joe Biden says it, we, meaning the US of A, and not in a time of war. Ukraine is. ...and we sent them to slaughter

Possibly true, and Joe Biden cost taxpayers $45+ billion dollars in order to send to Ukraine. What is your point? Exactly.

That never happened. You know what did happen? Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor that was investigating his crack head son by threatening to withhold promised aide. We all remember that. In fact it’s on tape. Where’s your outrage over that?

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