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@ronaldscherpen1 @iamcoreilly @JackPosobiec No manners no morals traitor corrupt 🤣. But Joe Biden collects 10s of millions of dollars from Ukraine and other countries. We now help Ukraine mind you for no real reason,And used his sex and drug addict son to collect such moneys. He also molested his own daughter. But Trump🤣

@Charles52Cook @POTUS Trump hasn’t been in office for two years. All policies, all legislation, all laws, all decisions have been made by Joe Biden and cult Democrats. They own the failed Afghanistan withdrawal, high gasoline prices, high inflation, war in Ukraine, open border, on & on failures

@DanRather @julli_g Here's a recap of the main points of #Ukrainegate, for which Donald John Trump was impeached the first time. TFG illegally kneecapped US aid to Ukraine to help Putin's invasion succeed and/or extort a personal benefit by abusing his authority to deceive us about Joe Biden.

@RBReich Then why is Joe Biden giving them billions of $$$? Chip companies Foreign gas companies Solar companies Wind companies Big tech Ukraine

BREAKING: Joe Biden has announced $3 billion be given to the cities of Flint and Jackson as emergency aid to make sure residents have drinkable water. The president said more money will forthcoming. Just kidding. That money's going to Ukraine.

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