Joe Biden - Ukraine Tweets

@MarySchadeWood @TennS4Ever @ChrisMurphyCT Maybe if Joe Biden wasn't going around telling people that they've got to suffer because Ukraine is more important, they wouldn't think that...

@TobyS7812 @dbongino And Joe Biden committed an international crime and American crime using his VP position to interfere in Ukraine's political system. Factual

@adamgreyes2020 @JennaEllisEsq Don't spread lies. Take care of your country, we take care of ours. You apparently voted for Joe Biden, correct? Worry about Ukraine!

@Ackey83 @PeaceHopeful1 @BlueDoggin45 @ps9714 @Megawatts55 @AccountableGOP @AdamKinzinger @POTUS That's all you have... it's embarrassing. Why didn't Democrats use the Pedo thing to impeach him instead of fake Russia/fake Ukraine? Why is Joe letting Russia walk through Ukraine? Like I said, you guys are bag of rocks dumb.. Answer: WH guy is not really Joe Biden.

@AvonandsomerRob I’ve said it since the beginning of this war. How long before one of these weapons brings down a plane in Europe. There has been no control over giving weapons on mass & being Ukraine is as corrupt as Joe Biden and his Son, they will likely end up in the wrong hands at some point

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