Joe Biden - Ukraine Tweets

@MichaelBrazee3 @DickesonKathy The Racist History of Joe Biden - 360NewsClips Bonus: Biden's are Crooks & Scumbags! Ukraine/China/Racist Scumbag/Daughters Dairy - Beware of Fake News!

Your daddy did everything possible to weaken Ukraine & NATO, allowing Putin to do the invasion. But Joe Biden is strong, United NATO & Ukraine to fight FASCISM.

@DanRather There would be no Russian invasion of Ukraine if Trump was President. He was impeached because the criminal democrats didn’t want an investigation of treasonous joe Biden.

@lavern_spicer If you say joe biden good, while joe biden sacrifice Ukraine for satan sacrifice ceremonies, into war with Russian thats was crazy, the uggly darksider of democrats was they hide

BREAKING: Joe Biden has announced $3 billion be given to the cities of Flint and Jackson as emergency aid to make sure residents have drinkable water. The president said more money will forthcoming. Just kidding. That money's going to Ukraine.

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