Joe Biden - Ukraine Tweets

@TheInsiderPaper Why was Joe Biden threatening Ukrainian President Poroshenko about Privatbank just after Trump became President? The same bank that was used to funnel huge sums of money from Ukraine to the Biden family. Is Ukraine still a cash cow for them?

@ajsteelshow We are being lied to about Ukraine! It all started in 2014 under Obama’s administration with Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden! There is not anything sovereign about Ukraine!

Breaking: Joe Biden is putting together another $625,000,000 relief package for Florida. Just kidding, that is also going to, you already know where… Ukraine. 💸

@elonmusk Why does everyone forget that in 2014 the US staged a coup against a democratically elected government in Ukraine and after that as Vice President Joe Biden spent a lot of time in Ukraine telling them how to run the country, who to hire and fire?

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