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President Joe Biden is aiming to sustain the global alliance punishing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine as he embarks on a five-day trip to Europe. Biden’s mission in Europe: Shore up alliance against Russia

Page 1 and two 💥And now we have the Hunter Biden e-mails confirming weaponized bio labs in UkraineJoe Biden knew- and he needs to resign or be impeached! Join and share: @Assange_Wiki

@MikeFusco16 @Neener007 @stltoday I surrender all points like Biden in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Keep firing all the ammo you got. My strategy is surrender, surrender, surrender just like S#!T show Joe Biden. Instead of expect no quarter our moto is expect no fight.

@RichardGrenell Independence what’s that? Started to disappear in the 80’s. Joe Biden and his handlers and the traitorous followers have nearly destroyed North and South America. Started/allowed another invasion in Ukraine to start! And STARTED THE INVASION ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER

Joe Biden so damn busy sending money and weapons to Ukraine . Go free BG you mfer

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