Joe - Ukraine Tweets

All her and Joe do is make statements pray and send money to Ukraine

@KellyJGuide @MaryLouMcCorm @Debbiekaymorris @NotHoodlum Just a drop in the bucket compared to what lying Biden has printed and given to Ukraine. And caused more inflation. Get ready for a recession. Satpy thanks old joe.

@CausticGemini1 @thebradfordfile Geez but you lefty loons are thick. They launder money so there are no receipts…recent example would be Hunter Biden getting a board membership in Burisma after his daddy gave Taxpayer $$ to Ukraine when VP, Hunter in turn gives ten percent to the big guy Joe

Why on #July4th Are we the most generous country on earth giving BILLIONS to Ukraine. When we are falling apart here at home To cover up The BIDENs crimes there to keep his secrets from becoming public knowledge it’s another crime joe has committed on the American people

@TheLeoTerrell Perhaps you should tell that to all of the Useful Idiots chomping at the bit to fight for Joe and Hunter's "honor" in Ukraine. They, along with Dumb Blacks who Allow him to Define Us love listening to that Subversive Freak Occupying our Oligarch Usurped Whitehouse! WE ALL SUFFER!

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