Joe - Ukraine Tweets

@c_w_d101 @dutchtcapital @AZgeopolitics I agree that Average Joe & Jane genuinely support Ukraine. Unfortunately that Joe and Joe Biden are totally different. Before your reflex triggers: Trump is terrible too. What? purse strings being open have nothing to do with what average citizens want. WTF u can't be this naive.

@PatrickGman @ksorbs What makes Ukraine better than Russia ? Ukraine was known to be corrupt as hell. But I guess since Hunter and Joe get millions from them, now you fly their flag.

Who thinks that the whole Russia/Ukraine fiasco is happening solely because of Joe and Hunter???

@WeraEx18 @DesertDogs22 @TimRunsHisMouth I guess you don’t care about “10% for the Big Guy”. Or the fact the fact Joe was over Ukraine where we’re about to be in WW3. I bet you say he’s been great for the economy too.🤦🏻‍♂️

@LindseyGrahamSC Ukraine is the furthest thing from a free country, Lindsay. Can’t believe I’m agreeing with joe, but go ahead and buddy up with Lockheed Martin lobbyists some more.

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