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Japan tightened sanctions against Russia following its latest wave of missile attacks in Ukraine, adding goods to an export ban list and freezing the assets of Russian officials and entities. More here: https://t.co/DZkwPG2oE1 https://t.co/HJfCBE2mOv

Japan tightens Russia sanctions after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine https://t.co/cV72LRQ8cG

@NiMingda_GG An intelligent person would also consider the option: - Japan has a sovereign right to choose as many other countries have chosen how to support one side or another in the Russia/Ukraine war, or neither So why didn't you consider that option? 🤔

Ukraine latest: Japan tightens Russia sanctions after deadly strikes in Ukraine https://t.co/F56V4OdvOY

Russia sanctions, Ukraine support to be G7 priority, says Japan diplomat https://t.co/gTsFuH7hKl by Tetsushi Kajimoto

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