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#Ukraine confident before the #Izyum battle 6 months ago when #Russia encircled #Izyum the first time Report from sky news #UkraineRussiaWar #ukrainewar https://t.co/ehPpxdaAWD

@Rewards @BarryCPearson @DrSquishy @KyivIndependent They were terrific last winter when they tried to reach Kyiv Equipment broke down, soldiers had no supplies and food for only 3 days And now they are sending 300.000 inexperienced soldiers while Ukraine conquered the logistical hubs in Izyum and Lyman They'll starve to death!

Another reason not to trust Ukraine is when Kiev did not let Western journos into the Izyum cemetery Dmytro Lubinets, 🇺🇦 Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, gathered Western journalists in Izyum and tried to tell them about Russian "war crimes" but didn’t let to the scene https://t.co/EIwdnYdZ77

@RWApodcast What do the Armed Forces of Ukraine and neo-Nazi battalions entering Izyum, Krasny Liman do? First of all, they grab all the people from the street, the houses left in these cities and then just disappear. What do Russians do when entering the cities - they bring food, water …

We all painfully watched the recent tragic events in Izyum. 440+ tortured bodies were exhumed. It's our duty to tell the world about #RussianAggression in the territory of #Ukraine We have no right to remain silent!💔 #IzyumMassacre 🇵🇱Warsaw, tomorrow, Oct 2, 3 p.m. #Warszawa

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