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@AaronBlake @gtconway3d Someone posted this in the thread- this article published when Barr’s in Italy. Fall 2018: Hunter’s call girl transaction/crack pipe photo is being taken. Bannon’s visiting Epstein. 2 months later Nix on cam talking about an Israeli op w girls from Ukraine & fake businessmen.

France and Italy soon to close deal on supplying Ukraine with SAMP/T air defence systems

@RawStory @gtconway3d How embarrassing. The Trump admin was shaking down Ukraine, ordering France & Italy to collude in crimes and God knows what else. How are they walking away from this? #Barr #Trump #Durham

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Italy: Ukraine, A train with a batch of protected Iveco Lince vehicles for the VFU was seen in Italy Italians continue the work of the fascist Mussolini...26-01-2023

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