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@HenryBellCalcio @SaladNFL There’s 7 colours in this flag, 6 in the lgbt one. His top says save Ukraine, nothing about lgbt. He also done it in Brazil with a top saying “Save favelas” and a dedication to Ciro Esposito (Napoli fan murdered by Roma fan at the coppa Italia final)

High fuel prices could kill more Europeans than fighting in Ukraine. #Italia ns - time to show your mettle. #StandWithUkraine

The Defense Minister of #Italia informed that the government will ask the parliament to adopt a new law on military and civilian supplies to Ukraine during 2023.

. . 🇮🇹 . Between 60,000 and 100,000 residents of #Rome came out yesterday to rally for peace in Ukraine and against the supply of weapons to the “Zelensky regime.” #Italia 🇮🇹 #Part2

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