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"US must help in building of the three lighthouses for liberty. These beacons should be centered on Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. They can be the hubs of new security architecture that links alliances of free nations globally... in time, linking these three bastions with NATO"

@AJEnglish Worlds r busy with Ukraine but Russia got inspiration & motivation from Israel occupation, Iraq (false WMD war) invasion etc. Western media also quite about killing the Al Jazeera’s innocent journalist…. Shame! Shame on hypocrite West/USA!

@Levi_godman @PelmeniPusha they knew how to use it, but MoD not gonna pass those thing to them cuz MoD had a Agreement with Turkey and Israel in the past few years, but the situation rn is totally diferent cuz Turkey Openly Keep sending TB2 to Ukraine so maybe they can have it now.

@Binhcdang @blackintheempir Israel is an important ally in the Middle East; a stable democracy. Ukraine? 🤷🏼

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