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BLINKEN PUSHES ISRAEL HARD ON UKRAINE “Iran’s deepening ties with Moscow... [is] among the many reasons that we raised with Israel the importance of providing support for all of Ukraine’s needs–humanitarian, economic and security.”

2b)Ukraine hints at involvement in drone attack on Iran(carried out by Israel).Ukraine-whose nazis killed a millionJews inWWII-now Israels BFF?The top ppl of these far right grps dont really care bout race-its just sumthing4the plebs2fight ova&kill each otha4

SitRep - 31/01/23 - The clock is ticking.. ⏰ An overview of daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. America is lobbying to get more support from South Korea and Israel for Ukraine. In addition, more Western support came, or was announced. 1/X

#Israel will not supply weapons to #Ukraine,and the visit of the minister will not change anything in this regard. The main purpose of the trip is to smooth out the negative from the constant squabbling between Ukraine and Israel. Not that it important, it’s more polite

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