Islamist - Ukraine Tweets

@Imaconsumer I could hunt down a Lotus Eaters video that lays out how on both sides you have NAZIs, Islamist, former ISIS fighters and Taliban offshoots... While Ukraine also has redditors and other weirdos randomly joining up.

Ukraine (Jwish PM, supports Israel, funds "nazi" militas, fighting against 'Nazi Soviet Union') v Russia (Supports Israel, uses Islamist and Commie flag waving units, funds "fascist" miltias, fighting against "Nazi" Ukraine)

@neilbriars @jeremycorbyn Let's start with Yemen and Ethiopia. The hell that is Afghanistan, Myanmar. Syria is still ongoing civil war and Africa with the Islamist militants. And of course Ukraine. That enough bloodshed and reasons why the people's want to get a better life

@AgnesCallamard And by the way you're cashing on it after Ukraine gaffe still used by top Russia officials to justify their war. People do not donate, Amnesty funds Islamist movement tied with Iranian regime !!!!!!

@indianmarket8 India's stand in Ukraine conflict didnt went well with the US/west i think. US back to arming Pakistan again and the biased coverage of recent attacks on hindus in UK by Islamist and their media aggressively targetting BJP, RSS is giving clue that they don't want Modi again.

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