Islam - Ukraine Tweets

@LindseyGrahamSC The Khazarian Mafia/Ashkenazi Jews want Ukraine back. It was Khazaria in 900 AD. Russia forced them to adopt Judaism, Christianity or Islam and stop practicing Luciferanism. The Khazars vowed revenge on Russia after expulsion even if it took centuries. Ukraine in Nato = Revenge.

If Twitter disappeared, the “massive support” for Ukraine would suddenly collapse and the “protests” in Iran would stop. This app is the literal definition of manufacturing consent. Nobody actually cares about Ukraine. Nobody cares about bougie Persian lawyers crying over Islam.

Islam not because of intellectualism but base prejudice. These types cause a lot of harm. Why is Putin sending Muslims by force to Ukraine on a ratio of 3:1 ratio while ethnic Russians would be the majority? Prejudice and hatred against Islam and Muslims. Why does the

@Bob_cart124 Says the guy who wont condemn Irans Religious extremist govt for its barbaric murderous treatment of its own citizens. Did I miss something here? U think its okay to commit crimes against humanity if you support Islam? 🤔 Maybe stick up for Ukraine, Palestine AND Iranian women

@FilipKatundSk @willbonk4kibble @AngryStudentCA 70% of russian fighters in Ukraine are not even russian, I didn’t know all those muslims, pagans and buddhists from Dagestan, Tyva and Buryatia are fighting for orthodoxy. Chechenian leader said they were fighting for Islam

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