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@HRpufnsting @aaronjmate So: - USA (the Iraq WMDs people, the Gulf of Tonkin people, the they took babies from incubators people, etc.) gets date wrong multiple times - President of Ukraine publicly states that he is uncertain about the possibility of an invasion. It's not unreasonable to be skeptical.

@BobBorsley If the West intervenes in Iraq, it's aggression like Russia in Ukraine. If the West doesn't intervene in Yemen, it's because it doesn't care about Muslim victims. Maybe the 'anti-imperialists' aren't even sure if they're angry with the West for intervening or for not intervening?

@JackMotleyLive @GeraldoRivera I'm glad that you finally are tired of foreign wars - after Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. But USA signed Budapest memorandum, which oblidges USA to help Ukraine to defend itself. If USA will betray 🇺🇦 and abstain from it, they will became a laughstock and pointless shit.

@DJSnot2 @joma_gc @EdKrassen The country that we had no reason to invade is Iraq. We should not have stayed in Afghanistan for 20 yrs. US has no boots on the ground/air in Ukraine. It's much less costly to get Putin out of Ukraine than trying to get him out of several countries with the possibility of WW3.

@JoJoFromJerz Evolving? De-evolving. We did trans training in the Army. I was trans - TRANSPORTATION. I am now a CIVILIAN. Have fun fighting in Ukraine, China, Russia, Iraq ...

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