Iraq - Ukraine Tweets

@RalphNader The Democrats paint themselves as the war party. Remember when they started peeling off to opportunistically call for a timeline to exit Iraq, only to then get us deeper into Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, now Ukraine, etc.

@TheBirdwatcher0 @ecoscientist22 @HSajwanization @stillgray Ukraine was one of the biggest iraq invading powers which was killing Iraqi civilians, a boomerang?

@JackPosobiec I bet a ton of you clowns had those yellow Iraq war ribbons on your houses back in the day as well. Now it’s Ukraine flags.

@LMdiplo Ironic that US demands Russia to be held accountable for “war crimes” in Ukraine but is putting in jail the man (Assange) that exposed US War Crimes in Iraq. US killed 12 people including two journalists.

@PaulConRO Unfortunately, Ukraine needs Turkey's help and Turkey and Erdogan are currently helping it, of course for their own interests, not Ukraine's. Because he wants to reduce Russian influence in the Middle East, Iraq, Syria and the like.

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