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@H0rsinAr0und @nukesani @F1NGER5_24 @PeterJoseph73 @TaraServatius Russia could take Ukraine in a day if it wanted, so what's the real reason? Viet Nam, Iraq & Afghanistan cost us precious blood & lives, not to mention a fortune of wealth. Was it worth it, what did we gain from it? Aren't they still the same after leaving? Money, Greed & power?

The media will portray Ukraine like it's this sanctuary and that it's now different to Afghanistan and Iraq when it's the exact same, just one is white and one is brown, you cannot expect minorities to care and fight for you if you do no care for their people.

@Deventh @GEhcuod @youngblood_NE @shoe0nhead @Breaking911 Your right, before Ukraine, it was Syria (still have troops there) then it was Iraq, Afghanistan, there are other insignificant conflicts in between, not worth remembering, but currently work flushing billions of dollars into.

@amnesty The trolling Amnesty has to put up by bots is truly incredible. All for telling the truth in Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, Ukraine and elsewhere. We're lucky to have it.

@ronzheimer We didn’t see you as a journalist covering the crimes in #Gaza #Israel #Syria #Libya #Iraq … but as a hungry idi*ot who just care about the blondy blue eyes Ukraine 🇺🇦 Pathetic 🥴

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