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Please don’t shake hands with butchers. Stand with the Iranian people. Stand with Ukraine. @Pontifex #BoycottIRIDay #StandWithUkraine #IRGCterrorists

@CNN @SkyNews @bbc How does Biden protect America from China, when despite sanctions, US high tech are in Iranian drones attacking Ukraine, & TESLA, Apple, Amazon etc are happily sending the latest tech to China, training Chinese, taking jobs from USA etc?? It's a joke!

@AnnaAsimakopoul Together with 27 MPs from the EP and national parliaments, I call on the EU + Member States to boycott Iran's celebration of the Islamic revolution. "We don’t shake hands with butchers. We stand with the Iranian people. We stand with Ukraine." #BoycottIRIDay #AnnaMichelleMEP

@Ray75754409 @Ray98HA @maxhorowitz1609 @johnschnorr @yashar You can be a professional but take fewer "risks" knowing that you'll be treated the same way most Iranian journalists are treated and will lose access to the country. Google the story of Ukraine and Walter Durranty please.

@TobiasBillstrom #IRGCterrorists have committed crimes against humanity not only in Iran but also in Ukraine and Syria! So it’s not an internal matter! They are terrorists everywhere! If you don’t care about iranian lives, you should care about Ukrainians!!!

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