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@ZelenskyyUa @sanchezcastejon @antoniocostapm President Zelwnsky us #Iranian people wish you and your country best of luck. You are the true winner of this war. Soon Putin & the terrorist islamic regime of Ayatrolahs who took #Iran hostage for 43 years will go down in history as the biggest loosers We ❤Ukraine #MahsaAmini

@elonmusk 3. Chaos will start at the world if to follow your "idea". China will attack Taiwan, NortKorea-South one, Iran will get nuke and attack Israel. Ukraine is a red line and is time for western world to show a power...

@JohnCornyn of course has nothing to do with war in Ukraine or uprising in Iran or the Saudi's trying to help GOP . . .

Watch "Ukraine Captures Intact Iranian Mohajer-6 Drone Near Odesa" on YouTube #we screamed @ the time of Poot'ins visit to Iraπ few months ago = FUBARed! Tactically 🇷🇺 lacks #UAVs✔️ But What does 🇷🇺 have 6k + 0f & Iran deeply desires, more than anything?🙊

@chron Surely the @JoeBiden administration will not be sending a trillion of printed debt $s to those little green men on Mars to clean the damn mess up that surely would piss off #Iran and #Ukraine️ and just maybe a few in @TheJusticeDept Right @Heritage @CNN

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