Iran - Ukraine Tweets

The fact that Iran is barely being spoke about rn but Ukraine was on every social media platform for months speaks volumes. Praying for the Iranian women right now.🥺🙏🏻

@KyivIndependent Are there estimates of how many drones Russia got from Iran? Seems like Ukraine has already disposed of quite a few.

@KyivIndependent It is time for Ukraine to declare war with Iran

@SEAsia17 @Ukraine66251776 It started as an Iranian proxy war, using russia to fight Ukraine for them. Iran has already stated its willing to fight to the last russian, they are more focused of feeding the Iranian military industrial complex, by pouring weapons into russia, than on all the russians dying.

@Treepunch20xx @The_Kal_El_ @MissJacque_line Look, North Korea and Iran are delivering so much support to Russia, they're practically keeping Russia in the war. I think it's time these countries demand Russia to think about diplomatic offers. Just like German "intellectuals" demand from Ukraine.

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