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@Meta Why do you support terrorists? Why are all the posts, Instagram and Facebook posts related to Russia and their bloody actions and bloody crimes in Ukraine. Russia attacked Ukraine, Russia terrorizes and kills the people of Ukraine.

When I'm saying I Stand With Ukraine, Russia soldiers are scrambling to follow me on Twitter and especially on Instagram where I started supporting Ukraine at the early stage of their combat operations! I'm with Ukraine 100% +my diamonds

@ChrisBarberi I'm proud I never put that stupid black square in my Instagram posts or the flag of Ukraine, either. Didn't take the vax. I must not be a follower, or I'm smarter than the average bear.

KyivIndependent: With the future of Twitter being uncertain, we ask our audience to also follow us on Instagram: Help us to remain Ukraine’s voice in the world.

@GoNoGo420 @Ukraine Try reaching out to #cloudy_hack via Instagram one of the best and fast response you will get , had same issues too I was referred to him and got everything resolved with a short period of time.

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