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@BitchyKnitter I found a Rav thread about her patterns being offline because of the war in Ukraine (i think this thread is why it was on the Hot page): She's semi-active on Instagram if you wanted to reach out and try to purchase directly.

I love this. Instagram account Ukraine.Artists is doing posts of interviews with Ukrainian artists & sharing their artwork of the invasion by muscovy. I've seen some amazing artwork by Ukrainians, and it's nice to see the artists with their own artwork. 🇺🇦

"Facebook encouraged even more ethnic hate against Russians by relaxing policies on violent or hateful speech against Russian individuals. ... showed that Facebook and Instagram users were now allowed to call for the “explicit removal [of] Russians from Ukraine and Belarus.” "

#Putin's new laws criminalize any criticism of the conflict in #Ukraine. Journalist Alexander Nevzorov got an 8yr prison sentence. Olesya Krivtsova, a 19yo student faces up to 7yrs. For an Instagram post. 60 others are charged too. #Russia #ukrainewar #FreeSpeech #Beliefs

in the middle of inflation strikes covid downfalls war in Ukraine and energy crunch what do you need ? An Instagram account from the wife of the heir to the throne so she can post what you don't have you will never have...they don't get it...

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