Insane - Ukraine Tweets

@BorisJohnson @NATO What's this obsession with Ukraine. Insane.

The answer is Chicago is INSANE and so is the idea Latin America and Arabia can keep sending “wars to Ukraine.”

This is the problem when Insane dictators live in their own fantasy worlds and no one is there there to correct them. Invading Ukraine is not going stop countries joining NATO. And Taiwan is an independent nation.

@leadlagreport Insane. Gas gets super expensive in every county in the world after Russia invades Ukraine and it is the fault of Biden?

@BorisJohnson Ukraine 0.02% of wheat, Russia offered to ship Pathetic amount through, Belarus Russia 1/3 of world wheat OPEC leaders laughing G7 OPEC will never Russian oil prices. US, another Insane idea Stopping vessel insurance, did not work I like Russian people I meet. Americans so-so

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