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@InnaSovsun The death penalty would be too kind for you and Zelensky. You two deserve to spend the rest of your lives in a concrete cell for all the death and destruction you have brought on Ukraine. You are truly pure evil for choosing war instead of an intelligent solution to end the war.

@SteveRulesAll01 @InnaSovsun Some people that live in Crimea and Donbas might have come from Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union and the creation of Ukraine, but some have lived there the whole time. 97% of people in Crimea speak Russian. Is that land worth all the death? No. Not worth one death.

FUCK YOU INNA SOVSUN! SHOW SOME FUCKING RESPECT! The west doesn’t have to give you shit. Your people are nothing but radioactive cannon fodder. REMEMBER THAT! @InnaSovsun #UkraineWar #UkaineWillWin #UkraineSucks #Ukraine

@InnaSovsun I hope the Ukrainian people wake up and jail you and Zelensky for what you have done to the Ukrainian people. Russian speaking Ukrainians that live in Donbas and Crimea have a legitimate claim to make that land independent from Ukraine. That land is not worth one death. Peace

@doctorfucko @InnaSovsun @IntelCrab And still deaths, injures, ruines for us. 🤷 It's embarrassing for the World, that russia still exist, like the state with symbolic, anthem, etc. After all that they did in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Ukraine. And that's shame 😏

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