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@smninews Well Sass of course not since France had given up its interests in the Indo-China region. Our case is entirely different. We need America. Just like those Eastern Nations in Europe and now Ukraine. They value a western security blanket

@MacronInEnglish This guy condemns Putin for #Ukraine️ cruelty! True but he should read Fr history of unimaginable, heartless cruelty to the people of French IndoChina, especially #Vietnam who were rounded up, removed fr families & forced to work w/o food & guillotine f pay!

@MatKashbakihai Look the changed tone of western war hawks on Indo-China relationship, it's like they're constantly pushing India against China We know that's how USA works, they sacrificed Ukraine and crash European economy to get back to Russia now they're prepping India against China

@6rx6vfj8gb @JohnTorode78 @MungusW @SamRamani2 US/NATO miscalculations in the Ukraine project have damaged its Indo-China policy goals. US allies like India and Japan have distanced themselves from the US chessboard. Given the complexities of a long war, the EU slid from aggressive to defensive to survival mode in 8 months.

The Growing Chorus for Peace in Ukraine - How amusing! USA and associates bombed Indochina for over 20 years and it was fine and dandy. Pharisees bastards!

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