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@SpectatorOz $100 million to Ukraine? C'mon it's not in their DNA. Committing $320 billion to renewables to reduce global emissions by 1% whilst China and India will increase by more than that.

It is shocking that these states are inadvertently supporting and funding the war in Ukraine. FYI this is why I don't drive. I'm not surprised regarding China nor India they support the war but the other nations are against it. I'm surprised at this

POV: I think aside the embargo on Russian arms, the war in Ukraine has to an extent shown how not so efficient Russian military armaments are. It explains the reason why most previous buyers of Russian military arms in the indo-pacific region are running to India for weapons.

Great Mahatma Gandhi crying in heaven for Modi's actions, his relationships w/criminal Putin, buying Russia's oil making India an accomplice in Putin's atrocious crimes to mass murder & demolish Ukraine. He must stop buying oil from Putin 4 humanitarian reasons #India

@AndreaRovigatti @OTregub India and Africa seem to be lost causes, too. What's even funnier is they STILL think Russia is some kind of Super Power. Russia's military is being slowly destroyed every day, just like the West wants, it's why we keep sending Ukraine more equipment and won't let them loose.

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