India - Ukraine Tweets

@Unlikely0ne @andrei_corban @banta2 @dom_lucre You act like India has a choice to say anything. India laughed at Lavrov. India prime minister has supported Ukraine with peace talks. But India knows Russia will cut ties with them if they cross a line. All you are doing is showing how much of a dictator Putin is.

@SaindoMatrix @rf_in_the_bush The biggest gainers from this conflict are: 1. China 2. Military complex of USA 3. India 4. Russia (gets the land that is pretty much priceless considering the geo position as well as natural resources. On the other side Ukraine is thrown back 70 years and EU is pathetic

@BillyBo04956914 @HCeku 1. This has nothing to do with Russia-Ukraine war I don’t know why you bring that up 2. Russia has also spent centuries doing that aswell as India and your argument goes down. Read more it’s good for your brain.

Crude oil is not dropping because of the SVB fiasco, its dropping because Russia is selling massive amounts of oil to China, Japan, South Korea, India, etc. This is what Trader Joe wants. He would rather wipe out our oil companies and prolong the Ukraine

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