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@LindsayClemmens @TimeforLaura His illegal Documents.. him in bed with China and Hunter ..what you don't believe he really likes Fuck Ukraine do you? If you do you don't know Joe

SMOKING GUN - HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP EXCLUSIVE: Burisma Asked Hunter to End Ukraine Investigation on Company - Then Joe Biden Threatened Ukraine and Had Investigator Fired via @gatewaypundit

@Johnmcurtis @ScottMGreer *around blacks, never relax* lol he relaxed. btw shouldn't this guy be bleeding out in a trench somewhere in Ukraine, so Joe and Hunter can keep their Ukrainian fossil fuel business going?

@ForgiatoBlow47 absolutely - Ukraine and China have been giving him and Hunter millions for years and we US citizens are paying the Billions of Quid Prop Quo

@KevinMKruse Biden leveraged aid to Ukraine to oust Shokin in 2014 the same year Hunter joined the board of Burisma. 2 years after Shokin had investigated Burisma which resulted in them being fined. The idea that Burisma used Hunter to help influence Joe isn’t really all that outrageous.

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