Hunter Biden - Ukraine Tweets

@RepSwalwell @danielsgoldman No, the Hunter Biden laptop is about Joe Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, but suddenly you are not interested? #WellSonOfABitch #nypolitics

@JohnHal42103635 @CB12868 @JoeBiden I wonder how much Hunter Biden made using those classified documents for China, Ukraine and Russia. Every politician needs to show their taxes. And all need to be banned from working and making money from lobbyist. Term limits Inc. ASAP.

@MSNBC Tell us about Hunter Biden and the Joe Biden crime family and the laptop and the money from Ukraine and the money from Russia the mayor’s wife...and then tell us all that stuff you’re keeping away from the people

@cspan @RepAOC @AOC So this is where all my GD tax money is going. Get gouged once a month and this is the shit they have a hearing on? Hunter Biden and Trump. Can I allocate my taxes for weapons to Ukraine and not have to see this shit again

Plus, watch J.Biden withhold money from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor. And Trump is corrupt. Pathetic people. EXPLOSIVE: Hunter Biden email may show corruption | Eric Bolling the Bal... via @YouTube

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