Hunter - Ukraine Tweets

@twindad7536 @JoeBiden Inflation still raging Gas double when he started Food, gas, rent all skyrockets Lowest job participate ever Borders being overrun Bungled Ukraine Bungled China & Afghanistan Hunter a crackhead crook Big guy still taking bribes

@mike66280680 @FoxNews He put Americans first. That's why other Politicians hated Him. Capitol Hill is completely corrupt in both Parties. Everyone is for sale. Trump has BILLIONS, and wasn't for sale. Biden is comprised because of Hunter. Russia, China, Ukraine are all in play.

@disclosetv This Ukraine debacle is proof of money laundering. And a plea from Biden to please not release the videos and transcripts of Hunter and the big guy.

@Gus90137562 @joncoopertweets @POTUS lol. Ukraine is getting plenty of American $$$ thanks to Joe (and Hunter of course) and China owns Joe. They will exploit weakness. What did Putin do to US interests when Trump was in office? Rhetorical. We know he waited for Joe to make his move.

@POTUS I’m surprised that you didn’t just send this money to the Ukraine to save your assets that you and Hunter have there.

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