Hunter - Ukraine Tweets

@Sean73742340 @PurpleCowMadCow @mmpadellan These ppl thirsty for the wrong man's blood.. Wish they could admit they stock all tanked, Inflation historical levels along with crime and tent cities... Joe Biden has awful policies let alone his Ukraine and CCP deals with Hunter!

@NEWSMAX How did he use it to blackmail the Ukraine is the question! The whole of Washington is attempting to disguise what the secret documents contained! America needs to know what Hunter sold to get that $90k a month job!

@PatrickGman @ksorbs What makes Ukraine better than Russia ? Ukraine was known to be corrupt as hell. But I guess since Hunter and Joe get millions from them, now you fly their flag.

@FrankieFeckless @RonFilipkowski Personally, I can give a 💩 about his personal life. I doubt he was selling influence to China and Ukraine through a porn star. She's not Hunter. 😂

It was only a matter of time before classified information from Hunter’s laptop leaked out so I believe Biden’s lawyers were instructed to look for the classified docs and AG immediately invoked special council to button it up. Metabiota in Ukraine & Hunter very problematic.

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