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@SamRamani2 Not so smart of the Hungarians to go out of their way to piss off the Ukrainians, given that Ukraine is on a fast track to join the EU and have more than 4 x the population of Hungary (which means 4 x the representation in the EU Parliament).

@MichaelFree2Be @RayJPolitics1 And there's almost no part of Ukraine that Hungary could claim that would be majority Hungarian. They have a majority in one small part of one Oblast, which would net about 40,000 Hungarian speakers. So a bunch of Ukrainians would end up in Hungary.

@DannyPunton @francis_scarr @TadeuszGiczan That has been the objective for decades. Putin offered parts of Ukraine to Poland, Hungary, Romania, and wants to keep the resource rich East and Crimea.

@gturner6ppc @RayJPolitics1 Oh, I just realized that all of these ignorant comments are from one person. You need to get informed about the realities over there. The Hungarians don’t want to leave Ukraine and go to Hungary anymore than the Russian Ukrainians wanted to leave the Donbass. It’s their home.

@WgnajS @UrsulecDePlus @KonserwatorPL @OrbanPl And now Hungary supports Russia, and Russia will lose the war of aggression it started in Ukraine. History repeats itself.

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