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@thecjpearson Why do we pay taxes? Homeless deficate in front of businesses. Imagine what that 50 billion Ukraine money would do for our mentally ill & homeless? Why do we lecture other countries on human rights? We can't even take care of our vets, sick & homeless?

Ugh. Isn’t it time we stop sending money to Ukraine and invest in programs that will help US citizens? RE: Homeless Veterans

@JoJoFromJerz Who are you trying to fool. Every single crisis America is facing , is because of him. Afghanistan crisis, border crisis, financial crisis, Ukraine crisis, Fentanyl crisis, Homeless crisis, crime crisis, COVID death crisis.JOE BIDEN IS THE CRISIS!!! https://t.co/pd3uEGYCcE

@JoeBiden Except you've been building a better Ukraine with our money while more Americans become Homeless.

@wallacemick Homeless man focused on populist emotions while Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with real wages

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