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@AndreaChalupa @MrJones_Film I finally watched it last night. Very good. Powerful. I read also @anneapplebaum book Red Famine. Both have captured the horror of Holodomor in Ukraine. Thank you to you both for telling the story. I can imagine it must have been very painful to write about the horrors.

@Rob41003713 @Kyle_Rempfer Shelling hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and grain storage facilities is how the Russian mafia state tries to persuade others of the virtue of their cause and the kindly manner by which they’ll treat their future subjects. Ukraine hasn’t forgotten the Holodomor.

@HensonJames11 The massacres are fucked up, and there's no excuse for that, but why do you imply this into "Ukraine is a nazi state", since it's not black and white? Ukrainians are open to speak about history with Polish people, meanwhile russians are denying claims for e.g. Holodomor. 2/2

@MathiasPriebe @s_wenglowsky @kruuk @TimothyDSnyder 3/3 showing his true colors with the Holodomor, forced russification of all Soviet subjects, etc. Russia/Muscovy has always had a "problem" with Ukraine/the Cossak Hetmanate /Kievan Rus.

The term "Holodomor" became popular in Ukraine and among the diaspora especially in the late 1980s. The phonetic similarity of Holodomor to Holocaust was not a coincidence. 3/

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