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@BelindaJones68 @Poupon123 Most of my European family (spread across Germany, Ukraine & Russia), were killed in the Holocaust. So few records left.

@margculbster @DS39SportsInfo @mrspriceizrght @Montejp231 @DonaldJTrumpJr @henrikstenson @LIVGolfInv @TrumpGolf Take the New York Times, they completely hid the genocide of starvation in the Ukraine, Stalin killed MILLIONS. Hidden. The also hide the Holocaust. NOW, anything you would ever post from them, LIES, because of that. Also, you post shit with .gov? Same people abusing government.

@AdotKitz @essencespurity @VOID_SPITE @Gritty20202 As for Nazism, Ukraines national hero is Stepan Bandera & many of them believe the Holocaust didn't happen or that Covid was made by jews as revenge for WW2, hence the extremely low vaccination rate. Ukraine is the most mentally ill country in the world except America (FACT)

@kh_hildreth @Maraaaks @robklippel @calimerowhite2 @Bertrom @ADASpota @hollanddaaze @Slothrop @JeffreyRothsch3 @MiracleSeeeker @Tribe_XX @BryanMatthews23 @LKpaddy @whatifisaidit @Wahrhaftig Hands down, please do not compare Ukraine to dropping a bomb on 2 cities. Dropped of course to end and free the camps. Nothing is comparable to the Holocaust. A genocide of millions. Ukraine is sadly, a regional war, and the US will cut the money VOGUE cover a disastrous call!

#Syrian_refugees in Turkey: History on rerun with every war & migration from #Holocaust to today’s #Ukraine & US #Mexico_border #refugee influx. We never evolve.

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