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@WalshFreedom The @GOP: “There is no Abortion” “There is no Climate Change” “There is no Covid” “There is no Racism” “There is no Holocaust” “There is no Gun Violence” “There is no Insurrection” “There is no Treason” “There is no Fascism” “There is no Ukraine” “There is no Bottom” https://t.co/yGTPiinPzO

@timstarr2001 @BadLibertarians Ok Mr. WOMD. THE USA is the most bloody and belligerent government killing millions unjustly, based on dogma and lies, and this conflict in Ukraine could have been easily avoided. You will claim "Russian lies" up until we have WWIII or nuclear Holocaust.

The language of #Ukraine democratic government on a governmental website: "#RUSSIAN GAULEITERS in the south ..." Disrespectful to own citicens, Germany and most of all to #Holocaust victims Again empathy is not #Ukrainian strength #UkraineWar https://t.co/hsLsTJSk7R

@Q212J @KonstantinKisin A bunch of whataboutism. What does the US having killed Native Americans or a military base in Japan have to do with invading Ukraine lol. Putin would deflect on Bucha with "what about the Germans and the Holocaust??"

Hey Joe...use your exemplary military strategy skills and get the US the Hell out of Ukraine, before it becomes a global Holocaust. You know, like you did in Afghanistan. Denny Crane https://t.co/Thm6CtHUd5

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