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Ukraine's @ZelenskyyUa has trivialized the Holocaust in Ukraine – where half a million Jews were murdered – and even claimed the Russian invasion is worse than the Nazi occupation. Why none of the outrage from Germany and EU that's aimed at Mahmoud Abbas? https://t.co/b55NHKB36l

Zelensky evokes the Holocaust whenever he wants along side #Ukraine politicians who belong to militants who glorify Nazism and Bandera - Ah! but Olaf Scholz can't say anything because is a Jew. Abbas' mistake was not to use it as a card just as Zelensky. Fool!

See #Palestine don't bother Germany are too busy waiting for Zelensky's orders while western press whitewashes Neo-Nazis. Capise? isn't it time to recall all the hypocrisies of the Holocaust just by the same countries allied with #Ukraine - Wasting time with fools, Nah Nah!

@vivekagnihotri Sir even if GOI and public of India wants #TheKashmirFiles to be Oscar winning movie they won't do. For the west only Holocaust is the worst tragedy in the human kind coz it occurred in West. Just compare their sound in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

@norabf His ambassador to Germany said the Holocaust didn't happen in Ukraine. He said Bandera did not kill anyone and they didn't care. The hypocrisy

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