Hitler - Ukraine Tweets

Took awhile for some to highlight the oncoming winter (nice one Sherlock) and how that pans out when fighting Russia. Just ask Napoleon and Hitler. Analysis-Putin bets on an ancient weapon in Ukraine: time https://t.co/HMWoPSOGHQ

Invading a sovereign nation puts him in bad guy column. & it's not 1st time he's done it. He's behaving exactly as Hitler did during 30s. Regardless of how corrupt Ukraine is, what Putin is doing is wrong & has cost 1000s of lives that wud have been lived if he hadn't invaded.

@moderateantfarm @apmassaro3 You can’t make peace with a rabies infested hyena. It must be whipped to death. The Orcs need the beaten in Ukraine, or we will have to fight them all over Europe. Anything else is the equivalent of UK making peace with Hitler in June 1940.

@MooBozo @BBCBreaking Almost like Biden caused this all as a proxy war and Ukraine violated the Minsk Agreement in 2014 and Putin isn't actually a Hitler clone. Yes.

@Szamuelykicksa1 @Vain_Utopian @Average_Antifa @hegellacan1 @femalekissinger Local socialists were executed by bolsheviks. Bolsheviks were fascists and invaded a newly democratic socialist state of Ukraine. Lenin and Stalin wanted to rape and loot. Lenin and Stalin were the mentors for Hitler

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