Hitler - Ukraine Tweets

@elonmusk So allow Facism to return and give no penalty for the Occupying force to keep taking Sovereign lands as did Hitler. Im very surprised 😮 since you did everything in your power to help Ukraine with Internet availabilty. Highly skeptical that you may have had convos with Russia?🤷🏼‍♂️

@esaagar @elonmusk I live in #Ukraine! @elonmusk do not understand the situation and speaks nonsense! #Putin = #Hitler would you negotiate with Hitler and give him part of the territory? Knowing he won't stop there? https://t.co/1mYStjoYvA

The take of appeasing Putin by forcing Ukraine to give up UKRAINIAN lands is a poor one. Remember, Neville Chamberlain did just that, appeasing Hitler by allowing him to have parts of Czechoslovakia and said 'Peace in Our Time'. Irony as the biggest war followed through.

@motherboard Well, time will tell but there is no chance to Ukraine Winn in any parallel Universe... Force who defeated millions of Hitler soldiers, before that millions of Napoleon... Hasn't deployed even 20% of regular soldiers! Where is full announcement of war- full mobilization

@Bartek___P @stillgray Shut the fuck up. Your idea of "helping" Ukraine is tweeting. Putin already said he'd rather destroy Europe and America along with Russia than having the West turn Russian Children into "sexual deviants". Hitler thought the same, look up the Nero decree.

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