Hitler - Ukraine Tweets

@chittum_carol @POTUS Speak for yourself! Please KEEP helping Ukraine, or we are all in for far worse problems. See: Hitler

@lavern_spicer @POTUS How about you take a seat and be quiet. If this was 1940, you would be cheering on Hitler ushering Jews into the gas chambers. The GOP wants to hand Ukraine over to Putin. I wonder how much Russian money is in your campaign coffers.

@Wisedog4 @0xUpplyst @GonzaloLira1968 What does that have to do with the Ukraine/Russia conflict? Irrelevant in that context. What would have stopped Hitler would have been the central bankster-kunts funding both sides of the war. Those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it 🤦

@DrGJackBrown Weak pols like our Dems allowed Hitler out of jail to promote fascism. 18 months later Trump is out there organizing tyranny because Garland buried Mueller, Georgia, Ukraine cases &a dozen others much less was AWOL on sedition leaders until J6C forced him. We need bolder Dems.

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