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Russia loses information war in Ukraine, GCHQ chief says https://t.co/YfjmWn2oMz Five out of six Russian doctors advised Putin it’s safe to play Russian Roulette but do you know what’s the difference between Putin and Hitler? At least Hitler knew when to kill himself.

(i.e., but for the fatal policy of the Comintern in Germany) there would be no Hitler. To this can be added: but for the rape of Soviet Ukraine by the Stalinist bureaucracy there would be no Hitlerite Ukrainian policy."

@alemannoEU ⚡️#Putin acts like #Hitler & #Stalin. That is the responsibility of #Merkel & #Schröder! There will be no return of the #USSR. #Ukraine will win! #Democracy will win! #Putin_OUT! 陰陽 🌏🌍🌎 https://t.co/NNvUff5YJv

@MaryVought You don’t get how Putin, killing babies won’t stop in Ukraine. Hitler was almost successful but failed. Trump was almost successful but he also failed.

@NickAdamsinUSA No, just like Israel. Ukraine is a battleground chosen by the Russians and is being contested because of the importance of the transatlantic alliance and denying Putin geostrategic win in Europe. If this were World War II you’d be supporting Hitler

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